Who We Are

Where do you get quality replacement heifers?
Would first cut cattle meet your needs?
Would your program benefit from consistency, longevity, and performance?

The Maternal Replacement Solutions program is unique in that we are offering our customers the first cut, the front end, not what someone else has decided not to keep. Our carefully designed crossbreeding program can answer all of your program needs.

To enhance the quality of the bred heifer program and provide a more consistent and desirable product, LT Premium has added additional partners to the business. To reflect the scope of this change the new company name is Maternal Replacement Solutions, LLC.

Topp Herefords
Topp Herefords of Grace City, North Dakota provides our program with superior quality Hereford bulls. Paired with red and black Angus cattle, the resulting product is top of the line replacement heifers. For more information on Topp Herefords visit their website.

Ellingson Angus
Ellingson Angus is home to fourth-generation cattle breeders near St. Anthony, North Dakota. They are dedicated to providing proven-genetics black Angus cattle. For more information on Ellingson Angus visit their website.
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5L Red Angus
5L Red Angus is a seedstock operation near Sheridan, Montana. They provide our production system with quality red Angus heifers and cows. For more information on 5L Red Angus visit their website.

Lerwick Brothers
Lerwick Brothers is currently home to the 5th generation of their family farming and ranching near Albin, Wyoming. They have been instrumental in developing the mechanics of the program and organizing grazing.

Y6 Feeders
Y6 Feeders, near Meridan, Wyoming, oversees the development end of the MRS production system.