Heifers For Sale

Thank you to repeat buyers and bidders in our program of building excellence in maternal replacements.

Maternal Replacement Solutions sources first cut F1, Hereford x Angus, heifer calves from the Dakotas, Nebraska, Wyoming, and Montana herds, where no replacements are kept.  The heifers are developed in an intensive heifer development program at Y6 Feeders, Meriden, WY.  Please contact us for more information.

All heifers are located at Meriden, WY, which is 40 miles NE of Cheyenne, WY.  These heifers have been ultrasounded for fetal age and sex by Dr. Jay Hudson.  All heifers are bangs vaccinated with legible tattoos, given Vista 5 VL5, Multimin, & Long Range.  At pregchecking time (August 22-25) heifers weigh 850-950 lbs.

Past years’ heifers have been sold to ranches in the following states:  North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming, Utah, Oregon, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Missouri, Texas, Arizona, North Carolina, and Iowa.


Black White Face – F1 Heifers


Red White Face – F1 Heifers for contract.  AI Heifers bred to 5L Bourne (DOB 2/3/2013) a calving ease bull.  Much of the 2016-17 inventory has been contracted for Fall delivery.  Please call if you have an interest in filling your bred heifer needs for Fall 2017.




ast Years’ Sold Inventory:

2013-14    1250 F1 heifers developed and sold (200 RWF, 1050 BWF)

2014-15    1900 F1 heifers developed and sold (250 RWF, 1650 BWF)   400 Angus heifers developed and placed in F1 production herds

2015-16    2100 F1 heifers developed and sold (300 RWF, 1800 BWF)   500 Angus heifers developed and placed in F1 production herds

2016-17    600 Angus heifers are placed in development for delivery to contracted suppliers of F1 heifers.   1250 F1 heifers are in development.






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