Crossbred Advantage

Many studies have shown the distinct advantage of maternal heterosis or hybrid vigor. Productivity and efficiency advantages of 20%-35% on the maternal side of beef production are just too much to ignore if we expect to be profitably competitive in the protein market space. The links to these studies are listed below. The missing piece of maximizing heterosis in the beef industry, to keep pace with the pork and poultry industries in this area, has been a consistent supply of uniform females to achieve predictability in the cow herd in herds large and small. M.R.S. address this need in numbers sufficient for most herds and is committed to maintain the program for customers to depend on the supply.

Select outfits across Montana, Dakotas, Nebraska, and Wyoming combine premium genetics to produce quality purebred cattle and cross breeding to produce and F1 heifer. The development process adds uniformity in selected packages and tight calving windows, which create uniformity in our customer’s calf crops.
Terminal producers can choose from multiple options to meet their market demand. Continental and growth English as well as eared cattle work well with the products we provide.

Heterosis Advantage with Crossbred Cows

  • 10% increase in conception rate
  • 10% improvement in calving ease
  • 5-10% increase in milk yield
  • 7.5% increase in number of calves raised to weaning Cumulative Effect = 15% increase in pounds weaned per cow exposed.

Links to relevant articles and studies:

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“Perhaps the easiest way to capture maternal heterosis is to identify the type of desired female and buy her from a reliable, off-farm source.”